Village Report

Giving the correct sort of data to the individuals can assist them with making right choices. One of the greatest takeaway we got subsequent to pursuing the village reports was that the locals have the potential and the gifts required to come up from neediness and wretchedness yet the most significant thing they need is data and information about outside world .We additionally took in the significance of fundamental abilities and practical education which help them to work in their everyday life . The family units have modest quantity of investment funds which isn’t sufficient for their poverty alleviation.

The following are the village reports made by the students of the batch 2018-2020 during their Rural Living and Learning Experience (RLLE):

  1. Village Report by Sailesh Choudhury and Vishes Kumar Jena
  2. Village Report by Pragyan Mohanty and Sonam Nayak
  3. Village Report by Aditya Bagchi and Sarvesh Chaturvedi
  4. Village Report by Tousif Hasan Biswas and Samyak Jain
  5. Village Report by Aathira Krishnan and Ayushi Jain
  6. Village Report by Vidushi Bharti and Ritika Singh
  7. Village Report by Subham Purohit and Dipayan Bardhan
  8. Village Report by Debarpita Mohanty and Satabdi Sahoo
  9. Village Report by Rahul and Kamakhya Mohapatra
  10. Village Report by Cyril Bastin M, Sauvik Dey and Soumya Ranjan Sahoo
  11. Village Report by Abhishek Tripathy and Shuvam Mohanty
  12. Village Report by Samaksh Baj and Bibhudatta Sahoo