Dhruv Sawhney, Junior Core Team

From the day I joined the committee to the present day where I am, it’s been a learning process for me in Rural Research and Analysis Committee (RRAC). I was made a part of the editing team. In the second team meeting, we were assigned to work on survey sheets that were surveyed by our senior batch across India during their ‘Rural Living and Learning Experience’ (RLLE) program. It was like learning about the whole of Rural India in one go. It included what all problems people are facing there, are they provided with the government support, do they get food to eat, how they earn their livelihood, do they have shelter over their head, do they have proper sanitation facilities, do they have bank accounts, have taken any bank loan, if yes then from which source, formal or informal source. After that, we worked on selected village reports and edited them in a much more presentable way. We brought out relevant information from those reports so that it can be further synthesized. RRAC has also helped me in improving my knowledge related to the rural domain, communication skills, and confidence level.