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Meet the Core Team!

The prime responsibility of mine as the representative of RRAC has been to coordinate between all the verticals namely editing, survey and case studies. This has been a great journey of starting something new and coming up with results which include many insights in it. Starting and operationalizing this new initiative couldn’t have been possible without the help of such a cooperative team and continuous support from the entire RM fraternity. – Ankit Kumar, Representative

The primary responsibility of my team was with regards to the case studies. With the pool of many case studies revolving around various issues across the country prepared by students of XSRM in RLLE, shortlisting of case was done by our team through various reviews and refining of cases and the best cases are then showcased in this platform. – Dipayan Bardhan, Co-Representative

My objective from the rural management course is to understand the rural economy and business to identify what are the future growth opportunities which are currently out of sight. While working as a member of this committee I dedicated my efforts to understand the economic aspects along with other information which include culture, market, infrastructure etc.  of the villages from the village reports prepared by the students of the batch 2018-20 of the Xavier School of Rural Management. This has helped me to see the changes which are taken place in the villages of our country. – Samaksh Baj, Core Member

The team developed a data analysis framework and the data of around 2000 households was analysed in providing insights. The effort was humongous where the hard copy data was converted into data sheet format, indicators were chosen and insights were drawn using modern tools like tableau. – Cyril Bastin M., Core Member

Being a core member I got to work on different aspects of survey research and analysis. Majorly, I worked in the survey area, starting from the data entry and data mining to data visualization and bought relevant information from the data. Talking about the management part, planning, forecasting and delegating the work has been the toughest part. RRAC not only helped me in improving my technical skills but also in conceptual and decision-making skills. – Vidushi Bharti, Core Member

As a part of the team helped me to improvise the content and also suggest how it can be framed better. Working in collaboration across the different verticals nurtured holistic understanding of the work the team undertook. – Daivakari Kapoor, Core Member

Case studies are a very useful way of conveying relevant information in a presentable way. As a team, we faced many difficulties in the selection and editing of case studies so that the readers can enjoy the useful research of the students in the most efficient way. – Ashish Jha, Core Member